I Want My Business' Workflow, Not Something Generic

An ERP is a model of a business in software, but businesses are unique. You shouldn't be required to adapt to the policies and workflows provided by the software vendor. ERPNext offers powerful and flexible tools out of the box, but there are limitations.

Developing custom workflows is a challenge. You need your system to actively enforce company policy and guide the user to work within that policy. Success requires business acumen, insight into how people use ERPNext, and often a deep technical knowledge of how to leverage the Frappe framework.

We can help. AgriTheory has extensive experience implementing custom business policies in ERPNext that we can draw from to accurately model yours.

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I Need ERPNext to Work for My Business

AgriTheory is the original contributor of the United States Regionalization to ERPNext. Our regional expertise stems from running our own business in the United States as well as consulting with customers about their needs across the fruited plain.

An ERP implementation is a challenging time to review and restructure the core components of your business. But it also offers an opportunity to reorganize your Departments and Cost Centers, renovate the Chart of Accounts, and align Roles and Permissions with what people actually do.

AgriTheory can help guide you through this process.


"We knew that our extensive list of business requirements meant customization and tailoring of our selected ERP platform, and selected AgriTheory based upon their knowledge of the platform. We soon found that Tyler and AgriTheory not only had extensive technical and functional experience with the platform, but truly understood our business cases, end-user experience requirements, and shared our vision of what a best in breed solution should encompass. This has resulted in a successful and well received transition from another well-known ERP system."
- Nicholas Visco, Chief Financial Officer
"When we needed to build software to run our aquaculture business, AgriTheory was the only choice. While we knew what we wanted, Tyler had the first hand experience with the accounting and manufacturing challenges of the industry. That allowed us to work together to develop the best ideas and best practices into a forward-thinking solution."
- Joshua Reeder, Director of Technology
"AgriTheory is unique in their ability to see the system’s code AND the real needs and practices of the business. This means that the systems they worked on for us were able to fit into our business instead of the other way around. Plus, they are a joy to work with."
- Michael Pinkowski, President

I Need a Plan That Adapts to Change

We help businesses manage resources: people, inventory, and assets.

Cash Flow Budgets

Cash flow budgets convert "good ideas" into a blueprint for success. They offer insight into potential problems, years or months in the future. We're passionate about constructing meaningful budgets because they promise something no other document can: a plan to succeed, written in numbers.

Capital Expenditure Budgets

Planning how much to spend on expansion before the time comes is often the difference between a productive new project and an empty bank account. We can help you through the planning and budgeting process.

Purchasing Controls

Following a plan or budget is difficult without in-context guidance. Sometimes that means requiring certain roles to sign off on a purchase. Other times it means warning the user that they have crossed a dynamically-generated budget threshold. We work with you to design a system that helps users manage the problem before it actually becomes a problem.

I Need Better Information About My Inventory

Agricultural businesses have some of the most complex inventory management requirements of any industry. Volatile commodity markets drive both inputs and outputs. Biological inventory must be tracked accurately, continuously, and in compliance with GAAP or IFRS. These issues are in their most challenging contexts in the agricultural space, but a fluency in handling them leads to high-quality output, regardless of industry.

AgriTheory knows the tools to wrangle inventory complexity. We can help you apply advanced stock-keeping and cost accounting techniques - from automating cost allocations to creating dimensional pro forma projections - to address your needs.

Connect with us to learn more about mastering your inventory management process.

I am Building Complex Vertically Integrated Systems

...from global

It used to be enough to create a business that did one thing well. But technological advances and an increasingly globalized marketplace are changing the landscape. These modern dynamics conspire to force business owners to mange their supply chain and distribution, and sometimes own it.

Historically, agriculture has been ahead of the rest of the economy in this area, in the form of producer-own-cooperatives and market-making organizations. We'll help you track, analyze, and streamline your supply chain and distribution processes.

...to within your own business

The cost centers within your business may not be independently profitable in any given period. How these businesses-within-a-business flow into each other is complex, especially when they utilize a shared resource base. We can help you examine your cost centers and see where your business needs to optimize, expand or shift focus.

I Want to Level Up My Business Software

Migrating business software is difficult and often expensive, but being locked into legacy software only works for so long. We want to help you migrate to the system or combination of systems that make the most sense for your business. We'll work to complete the migration in a way that matches your financial cycles, budget constraints, and long-term goals.

With our help, you can upgrade the parts of your system to overcome their current bottlenecks while simultaneously positioning your infrastructure for continuous improvement.

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I Want to Grow My Business with Open Source Software

Free and open source software provides a number of benefits to its users, and by its nature, invites them into the process to cultivate new features. There's an entire community of contributors who share common needs, so you get better features faster than you would as an isolated group or from off-the-shelf solutions. You can influence the development process by bringing the tools you want to fruition, while making use of ones others have built. Your engagement in the process ensures that the software accommodates your business as it grows and changes.

Software development is hard. You can participate in it at your own pace and budget without waiting for some megacorp to decide that your needs are important. That said, our development agreements allow you to keep your secret sauce secret or make your tools stronger by sharing them with others and marshaling their efforts.

However you decide, you reap the benefits of using free software that's forged from the community and designed to grow with its needs.

I Want to Organize My Data Across Systems

We can help you move your data where you need it to be.

Synchronize Your Applications With Other Applications

Modern software development offers an abundance of options for synchronizing your data across platforms. We implement organic solutions for customers that have included shipping label creation and hardware integrations like barcode scanners, scales and click-to-print interfaces. We can help you organize how your business-critical applications talk to each other on a timeline that makes sense for you.

Send and Receive Data From External Systems

For your business systems to perform effectively, they frequently need to communicate with software that's beyond your control. We leverage tools - such as custom APIs, webhooks, database synchronization, event streaming, and automated exports - to help your systems connect with external services. These may include shipping services, payment gateways, and specialized logistics software.

Aggregated Data Sources for Analytics and Business Intelligence

Having a unified data source for your analysis can mean the difference between timely action and a late reaction. We can help your business implement data lakes, data warehouses and/or an OLAP architecture so that you can achieve real-time business intelligence.

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AgriTheory is a consultancy at the intersection of agriculture and technology. We believe that entrepreneurs don't deserve to work with clunky, single-source, outdated software to run and analyze their business.