Big data for small farms

Profitability analysis to deliver data-driven business decisions

Get data-driven insights into the problems you can see and the challenges you can’t. We'll leverage our background in farm records and production data to key in on the most meaningful solutions to your problem.

Comprehensively survey farm activities by focusing on data capture needs

You’re in the business of farming, not sitting in front of a computer all day. We'll help structure systems to automatically record datapoints that matter.

Expansion planning through opportunity assessment

Thinking about growing your business? Taking over the farm next door? We can help you assess market opportunities and help define what’s within reach.

Cash-flow budgeting for financial management

The biggest benefit of cash flow planning is a sense of security that the bills will get paid with cash you have when you need it. Planning doesn't guarantee profitability but it means you’ll know how profitable you can be and when you'll have cash on hand.

Ag-specific software for crop and livestock resource planning

Frustrated that your accounting software doesn’t track your animals or acres? Or that your resource management applications don’t keep track of money? Our software integrates critical information put all of the information in the same system, so you can get the information you need, when you need it.

Open source architecture

Leverage the combined efforts of a community building the resources for your business and theirs. This helps keep costs low while being able to tailor software to your needs.