Warehouse Path

ERPNext allows its user to construct hierarchial abstractions for their physical facilities. This can make it difficult to know when you are selecting a Warehouse if it is "Bin A" in the "Storage Closet" or if is "Bin A" from the "Repair Supplies" Warehouse.

This feature encodes the Warehouse hierarchy into a string, which becomes searchable, and allows the user to more easily understand which Warehouse they are selecting.


In this example there are two Warehouses that start with "Refridger..." and while they are different, they could be mixed up.

Screen shot of the example company's Warehouse Tree. It includes a Refrigerated Display Warehouse (under the Baked Goods group) and a Refrigerator Warehouse

In the Link dropdown, the full path is given, omitting the root "All Warehouses - APC" and the company abbreviation at each level.

Screen shot of a Target Warehouse field with "Refr" typed in, and two Warehouse options in the dropdown. The Refrigerated Display option has "Baked Goods -> Refrigerated Display" under its name, and the Refrigerator option has "Refrigerator" under its name

This view shows the user-provided search text of "Refr..." matches the two similarly-named Warehouses. The Warehouse path under each option's name clearly distinguishes the choices by specifying each Warehouse's hierarchy.


To enable this feature, check the "Update Warehouse Path" box in Inventory Tools Settings.